Who Are We ?

Parent Student School Information System (PASSIS) is a robust and scalable enterprise software application for education establishments to manage student data. It has been customized to provide satisfying support for all the various stakeholders (e.g parents, teachers, students, school administrators) in the educational industry.


  • Earn revenue.
  • Easy tracking of school fees.
  • Possibility of checking fraud and payment of school fees.
  • Strengthening the connections between schools.
  • An excellent tool for managing grades and communicating with parents.


  • Performance report of students.
  • Helps parents to be proactive in keeping students on track.
  • Access to information about students' achievements, homework, attendance and behaviour.


  • Ability to login, download and submit assignment.
  • Ability to access information or announcements from schools.
  • To interact with other pupils and teachers.

Our Features Include:

  • Admissions, learning, transfer.
  • Student information database.
  • Uploading, submission and reviewing of assignments.
  • Facility management.

  • Behavioural, academics, extra-curricular e.t.c.
  • Termly and yearly results management.
  • Grade books/Report cards and transcripts.

  • Parents' association and workshop.
  • Staff directory.
  • Teacher, student subject discussion group.

  • Automated Invoicing For School Fees.
  • Online (Electronic) And Offline (Bank) Payment.
  • Student Savings Account (Piggy Bank).

  • Online Access To Educational Resources.
  • Integrated E-Learning/E-Library.

  • Form Registration.
  • Resources - Lesson Plans.
  • Teacher And Student Group Set.
  • Automated Time And Attendance.


Parent Demo

School Demo

Student Demo